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David S. Jones was born in London during ‘The Blitz’. Upon leaving school at fifteen with nothing more than a cycling proficiency certificate he tried various jobs. At eighteen he joined the Middlesex Fire Brigade serving three years until eventually leaving for Australia on the ten pound assisted passage scheme.

Returning some years later he joined the Household Cavalry and served in Malaya with the Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron. Back home in the UK after his tour of duty overseas, he became part of the Mounted Ceremonial Squadron, based in Knightsbridge, riding on several prestigious events, including the investiture of Prince Charles at Caernarvon. Upon leaving the Army he worked at various jobs, mostly as a carpenter but also driving trucks.

Eventually he found unlikely employment as a personal bodyguard to an American millionaire, entrepreneur travelling throughout Europe. Upon reaching Portugal he left this employment, (fired) met and married his Portuguese wife. David has four children from that marriage, three living in Portugal and one in the UK.

He later returned to London and joined the London Fire Brigade Service, serving for a further eleven years. It was during this time that he had the idea to develop the children’s character Fireman Sam, now an international success as a children’s TV series. After sustaining a back injury David had to leave the Fire Service. It then became necessary for him to make a living by doing something which did not require physical involvement. This led to him developing his writing skills. Upon his departure from the fire service he returned to his beloved Portugal, eventually building and managing a highly successful bar/restaurant complex in the Algarve. Life then took a sadder path and his marriage failed. Following his divorce and having custody of the children he concentrated on bringing them up until they had flown the nest. This was a dark and difficult period. Once the children had gone he decided to raise some money and live his life to the full. After selling his shares in Fireman Sam he obtained a skippers licence, bought an ocean going sailing boat which he named “Thankusam”, and sailed it from the UK to Portugal and later to North Africa.

He has continued to develop as a writer over the past years, and several of his ideas have been considered for TV and film both in the UK and America. His latest venture ‘Trevelyan’ is the result of a chance re-union with an old Guards colleague who visited him at his Algarve home. His style of writing and ability to develop a good story line makes his work hard to put down. ‘Trevelyan’ is a story which is a compelling read with many twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the final chapter.

Bio by Clive Pearson Evans. (published poet).


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A new animation/film venture “Phoenix Company” is at the moment with 20th Centuary Fox in L.A. who have taken an option to develop the project.

16/1272013 Release of my novel Trevelyan. Available from Amazon, on-line, Kindel and good bookshops.

My new novel Halo Around The Moon is completed. I am delighted with the finished work. My strategy now is to raise finance and make it into a film. I am so convinced that the scenario and message is such great importance to manking that happen will be my life's work. This is a lofty statement I know but from the hugely positive reaction that I have received from the 150 copies that I have given away as a market tester I am totally convinced that it can and must be acheived.



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TREVLYAN Just signed!!! Publishing contract with a London based publishing house.16-12-2013.


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Stop Press. My new animation/film venture “Phoenix Company” is at the moment being considered by...

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