About David S Jones

After the success of Fireman Sam I decided to try my hand at writing adult fiction. During the period that my children were growing up spare time was of a premium and finding a quiet interval to devote to writing and developing my ideas was extremely limited. I had built a restaurant which occupied much of my days and also a construction company which built luxury villas that was relatively successful and took up what little time was left.

Inevitably the children finally flew the nest which freed up a lot of space; I later sold the building company which allowed me to devote much more time to writing.

In 2002 I sold my rights to the Fireman Sam project and with the proceeds bought an ocean going yacht. I undertook several sailing courses and spent much of the next four years enjoying the boat. Now that I have reached a more sedate period in my life I am able to devote more time to developing the many ideas that swirl around in my mind. I have now closed the restaurant and converted in into a home for myself.

I consider that I have been fortunate to have met many interesting people in my life. Living on the Algarve and mixing with the sailing fraternity gave me an additional opportunity to meet an eclectic mix of people from whom I have drawn much material for developing characters for my books.  

Check out the Youtube trailer for "Trevenyan"

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