Author interview with publishers.

15/01/2014 14:53
AUTHOR INTERVIEW Austin Macauley December 2013.     Please state your name and title of the book: David S. Jones      “Trevelyan”   When did you begin writing, and did you always envisage being an author?   Becoming an author was something that I had...

Tomorrow Magazine

11/01/2014 14:31
David Jones Tomorrow article.pdf (6071884)David Jones article.docx (127569)Resident.jpg (687049)

Trevelyan press release.

29/11/2013 09:29
David Jones - 9781849636483 - FINAL COVER 20-11-13.pdf (1951663)Press release Trevlyan.pdf (356691)

Stop Press

13/09/2013 12:02
TREVLYAN Just signed!!! Publishing contract with a London based publishing house.16-12-2013.


04/06/2013 19:08
Stop Press. My new animation/film venture “Phoenix Company” is at the moment being considered by several  major film and animation companies in North America The King Arthur project is written and the art studio that I work with in Argentina have developed the illustrations. The feedback that...

Visitors notice

04/06/2013 18:16
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Website launched

04/06/2013 18:15
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