Author interview with publishers.

15/01/2014 14:53

AUTHOR INTERVIEW Austin Macauley December 2013.



Please state your name and title of the book:

David S. Jones      “Trevelyan”


When did you begin writing, and did you always envisage being an author?


Becoming an author was something that I had never contemplated in my earlier life. An accident which damaged my back whilst I was a firefighter meant that I needed to consider ways of making a living by doing something that was other than physical.

What is the novel about and what inspired you to write (title)?


Like so many others I enjoyed the James Bond novels. The Ian Fleming books have become legendry; they have proved massively popular as both books and films, other writers have picked up where Fleming left off and written new adventures for the well-established hero. Trevelyan is in a similar genre as Bond but we get to see how he started out and the difficulties that he encountered at the beginning of his military career.

There is one exceptional ability which places Nick Trevelyan in a class of his own. 

What is the main purpose you hope people will gain from your book?


This is fundamentally a work of pure fiction. Nicks initial success is clouded by his engagement with the upper classes, something that he hasn’t experienced before. This causes his life to take on a roller-coaster attitude. Finally when he has hit rock bottom he re-discovers himself and fights back. His return to normality is due in essence to an ability which allows him to gain wealth by less than honest means. Nick Trevelyan travels to many exciting locations, meets beautiful women and becomes involved with precious artefacts. In a word this story can be called an adventure filled romp.

What advice would you give to other budding writers?


I think that I am a strong example, hopefully to encourage many folk who feel that they have a book in them but lack the confidence to actually get on and write. Working with a computer can unlock talents that only a few years ago wouldn’t have been recognised. I am often asked how to get started. My advice is to open a file write your thoughts, leave it for an hour or a day and when you come back to it delete what you don’t like and add a little more. You will be surprised where you mind takes to and how soon a manuscript grows.

What other books/authors inspired you to write?


My reading habits don’t follow a defined path. There are times when I read several books one after the other and then read nothing for months. If a book or a subject catches my eye and I read it; then it might lead me to other books on that subject or by the same author. I have to admit to not having a favourite subject or author.

Do you see yourself as a one genre author or are there other elements in your writing that you can see yourself developing further into future novels?


The subjects that I write about are, to say the least eclectic. I have two completed treatments at this time in Hollywood awaiting approval. One is about firefighters fifty years in the future and the other is Arthurian based.  I am at this time working on an apocalyptic novel. I have just completed a short children’s story about a horse. I think that’s diverse.  

What inspired you for the title of your book?


I played around with several titles before settling on Trevelyan. I think that it’s short and to the point and I hope that readers will get to know Nick Trevelyan and admire him.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?


I consider myself fortunate to have lived a reasonably full life. I am active but need to remember that I have a weakness in my back which curtails me from sport. I have been running a successful restaurant which is time consuming but allows me to meet many people. Of course writing has taken up much of my time recently. Just living in the Algarve is a hobby in itself.

Do you feel that your background has helped you with your new career as a novelist?


Looking back I have one huge regret; I wish that I had taken my schooling more seriously. If I had troubled to take advantage of my school years and gained some qualifications then my life might have taken a very different course.  But then again I wouldn’t have encountered the wonderfully diverse characters that I have had the privilege of meeting.

Do you do a lot of research before you start writing?


Research is so much easier these days due to computers and the internet. I think that living every day is itself research.

How do you write pen and paper? Computer?


Computer, spell check and the other wonderful aids which are available help me so much with my writing


Do any of the characters in the book relate to your own life?


The beauty of being a fiction writer is that I can take a little idiosyncrasy from anyone that I meet and incorporate it into a character that I am creating. When I am writing I have the ability to make anyone do anything that I want them to.

When I meet people and they ask me about my writing I always warn them, be careful of what you say, you might be in my next novel.


What feedback have you had from family and friends or other people who have read your novel?


I think that expecting honest criticism’ from family and friends is a little dangerous.