David S Jones is the originator of the popular children’s animated television character Fireman Sam.

Some of the many successes are:

·       Eight series, one hundred and thirty six episodes, one hour long Christmas special, several public safety episodes.

·       Live stage show, which has played at most of the principal British theatres over the past years.

·       BAFTA nominated.

·       Over twenty seven million books sold.

·       One point four million videos sold.

·       One million DVD’s sold.

·       Transmitted in over one hundred countries.

·       Translated into sixty languages.

·       Twenty five years of continuous BBC TV broadcasting.

·       Merchandising in all fields.

·       Co originator producer of ‘Joshua Jones’ animated children’s series broadcast by BBC.


Fireman Sam is a much loved evergreen children’s TV favorite, which has endured for more than twenty nine years and will be around to entertain many generations of children to come. The new owners have taken the character from stop frame animation to CGI which has made the new series more popular than ever.