The Legend of King Arthur. (working title). Illustrations complete concept project and looking for funding.

The Legend of King Arthur. (working title). Illustrations complete concept project and looking for funding.


The legend of King Arthur is well known and much loved. This treatment looks at the concept from a different and interestingly fresh angle. It is illustrated with temporary character illustrations. It has the potential to be live action or animated.

In a far corner of the universe within the Gariane system, lay the planet Atalaia.  Of all the many cities on the planet the most ancient and vibrant was Camelot.  There was an unmistakable tenseness within the great council chamber of this beautiful ancient city.  The elders of the high council had been summoned to an emergency meeting.  Many years before, The Great Architect of the Universe had decreed that the task of monitoring the progress and stability of a little known planet in a far off solar system was to be their responsibility. The blue planet was their responsibility and the name of the planet was Earth.

The meeting of the elders lasted for several days, whilst they deliberated on how best to rescue the Earth’s population from the dark times that had befallen them.

Envoy Flagel, the administrator in charge of Earth observation, made his report to the council.  The situation on the blue planet had reached disastrous levels due to the invasion of an outside force.  This force was an outlawed group that had been banished from the planet Vipertor, who in turn had sent them to a penal colony on a prison star in the outer reaches of the universe.  From there they made their escape and eventually succeeded in reaching Earth.

The leader of the group was the villainous Talack whose wickedness was renowned throughout the universe.  He had established a base on a small island in the north of the planet from where he reigned supreme and continued to indulge his evil ways.

Talack was born and spent his youth on a planet which was technically far in advance of Earth, therefore when dealing with the humble and uneducated people of Britain it was easy for him and his followers to manipulate the generally illiterate peasant folk who inhabited this tiny island.  This enabled him to create a period in the history of the British people that came to be known as the “Dark Ages”.

It was unanimously agreed at an emergency meeting of the supreme council that a task force should be sent to Earth.  There were many factors to be considered, the most important of which was “THE PRIME DIRECTIVE.” This decreed that as guardians of the Blue Planet the council of Camelot were never to interfere with the natural progressive evolution by introducing advanced technology before such time that the people of Earth could arrive at that level thorough their own devices.

A task force numbering fifty was assembled whose compliment was roughly matching in number to that of Talack’s evil horde.  This group was to be equipped in such a way as would make them equal to Talack’s force.  The leader chosen by the council was a young student whose name was Arthur.  Arthur was the son of the senior elder Uther Pendragon and much loved among his people for his quiet strength and honesty.  Of the further members chosen to join the team, each was a specialist in their field, all were supremely fit and athletic, and there were also several female members.


An advisor was assigned to Arthur, his name was Merlin.  Merlin was much older than the others in the task force in fact even his oldest friend Uther the senior elder could not state with complete accuracy the age of his good friend Merlin.  Notwithstanding his years Merlin was as strong as an ox.  Whereas each of the other members of the force was considered specialists in their fields, Merlin knew most things about all subjects and much of matters unknown to any other man or woman.

It was decided that in order to cause the least disturbance to the inhabitants of Earth and to best blend in un-noticed an elaborate story would be contrived.

The age of chivalry had long existed in the land but there was no natural king to lead the people.  The council decreed that the expeditionary force would need to devise a plan whereby Arthur would be made King of England but in such a way that he would be totally accepted by the population whom he would attempt to deliver from the evil grip of Talack and his henchmen.  It was also agreed that in order to blend in with the life style of the period, Arthur’s assistants would take on the role “soldiers of fortune”, the sons and daughters of noble folk, who were at that time called “Knights”.



There are countless stories, which have grown around the legend over the centuries.  King Arthur is the best-loved and most written about character in English folklore.  There are hundreds of books, songs, plays, poems and films that have been written on the subject.

It would be hard for a child to grow up in the English speaking world without encountering Arthur’s Legend at some time or another.  Our Arthur is different in that he comes from another time and place.  He and his followers have to adapt such items as armour to resemble something that could have been produced in that period of history, whilst incorporating the latest extra-terrestrial technological innovations.