Halo Around The Moon.

Halo Around The Moon.
Cassie Richards is a recently qualified bio technician, at the age of twenty five with a good degree under her belt she is holding down her dream position, a prime job in the bio technology industry, her speciality synthetic biology. How was she to know that she was to alter the future of the planet and bring about a catastrophe more devastating that could have possibly been imagined? The bio-tec establishment where Cassie worked had developed a substance by way of an off-sho
ot to an earlier experiment which was named substance CEV#1. The two major capabilities of substance CEV#1 were each on their own quite remarkable. The ability to instantly eradicate the flammable property of petroleum was astounding but in reality it had little use in the industrial world. There might be some applications within the fire fighting industry or it might find a use as a fire retardant in fabrics’ but it was not the Golden Fleece they were seeking and not going to earn the bio chemical co
mpany that had discovered it any fortunes. The second property of Substance CEV#1 held far more promise. The remarkable ability to replicate itself at phenomenal speeds and keep on replication until it filled one hundred per cent of whatever container it might be introduced into at a far higher rate and speed than any other substance known to man; it was in fact a super virus. This was an ability which did hold enormous promise. How was Cassie to know that in a lapse of scientific protocol she would release this Doomsday virus into the fuel chain setting up a reaction which would have appalling consequences? Within a month the rampant expansion of Substance CEV#1 had spread to almost t
he entire Western world.

Without fuel it would only be a matter of days before the civilised world descended into total chaos. What happens next was a scenario too immense and catastrophic to describe in one book.

The story line then focuses on one group of survivors and the terrible decisions and actions that they have to make in order to endure the tragedy and survive.

The strategy for promoting this novel has been to print 150 copies and give them away to gauge reaction. One of these books was read by Ephrem Clarke a distinguished Irish musicitian and song writer. He imediatly contacted me and asked if he could write the music to accompany the book.